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How to Quickly Propagate Potatoes

I bought 2 tubers of varietal potatoes. I want to get more of my tubers. How to do it?

If you have a desire, opportunities, and patience, then you can do so. In February – early March put tubers for germination. After 1-1.5 months (in early or mid-April, no later), plant the tubers in a moist, loose soil mixture (rotted sawdust, peat, rotted compost), sprinkled with a layer of soil 2-3 centimeters on top. Germinate at a temperature of 12-18 degrees, moisturize regularly. As soon as the shoots grow 2-3 cm above the surface of the soil, carefully, without damaging the roots, remove the tubers from the soil and separate them along with the roots (it is more convenient to do this if the seedlings are directed upside down). Separate organs are planted in another box with the same soil mixture 8-10-12 centimeters apart. Water periodically, preventing the soil from drying out.

Plant the tuber without seedlings again and wait for the emergence of new seedlings. After 1-3 times removal and rooting, you will receive planting material. The last shoots removed from the tuber can be planted immediately on the site.

Plant shoots should be in the presence of steady warm weather. Landing scheme 20×25; 25×25. Like any seedlings, when planting potatoes with rooted shoots, the plants are watered and at first, they make sure that the soil remains moist in the area where the roots are located. For its best preservation, the soil surface can be mulched. During the summer, weeds must be weeded, soil loosening and light hilling of plants should be carried out. Better yet, combine it with filling the bottom with the stem with a nutrient mixture up to 10-12 centimeters high. In autumn, you can harvest a total crop of up to 100 or more planting tubers for the coming season. So you can quickly propagate varietal potatoes.

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