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The most difficult case for creating an interesting landscape design is a narrow long section. Even if you are not going to arrange the arrangement here, but just want to set up a garden, there are still many difficulties. This article gives advice on the proper arrangement of such uncomfortable personal plots. Here the standard layout of the garden and the garden is not suitable when the site is divided into two parts: the garden and the city, and fruit bushes and grapes are planted around. On such a site, a perspective in the form of a tunnel is created, which creates tension in perception.

How to set up a garden on a long stretch. First of all, it is necessary to divide the entire space into several parts, the so-called rooms. The rooms are preferably square, but this is not necessary. You can divide both visually and make fences in the form of plantings, put an arch or equip an arbor, a greenhouse. So you can divide the space with fruit shrubs that are not planted traditionally along with the site, but across it. It is also necessary to plant shrubs with openings in a kind of living wall through which you can see the next room of the garden.

A site divided into various zones that differ in their functionality and purpose will look best. So on one square, we break the garden. On the other garden. Separately, you can equip a flower garden, a pond, and a recreation area. Even if the entire space is not separated by walls, it will be separated visually, which will significantly improve perception and will not escalate and put pressure on the subconscious. Also, an ideal option would be the separation of all individual sections of the territory by the color of the coating. For example, on a recreation site, you can sow a lawn, sprinkle with sawdust in the garden, where coniferous plantings sprinkle sand, and so on. It will also be great if you have all the plots at different levels. Then you can place each site at its own level. You can also create an alpine slide dividing the space.

Well defuse the situation and change the perception of a long space paved paths. In this case, it is better to make them in the form of eights that will converge with each other. It is desirable that the tracks were of different colors, which is achieved using different materials.

In the case when the site is very narrow and it cannot be divided into zones, then you can experiment with volumes and colors. In this case, it is better to plant trees with oval volumetric crowns. You can also plant flowers in large groups of pronounced flowers, which are located in the most remote place.

You also need to pay attention to the fact that you do not need to plant plants in a line. It is best if they are florid, oval, in the form of eights. It is best that they orient themselves perpendicular to the orientation of the territory. Also on long and very narrow sections, circles will help visually improve perception. It can be a pond, a round-shaped platform, paths, etc.

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