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The Most Popular Plants in Your Garden

Despite the abundance of exotic plants that many try to grow in their own country, summer residents still prefer well-known and popular garden plants. Daisy, viola, stem rose and forget-me-not – a classic of any garden that will never lose its relevance and will always be appropriate in your garden. It is customary to classify such plants as “infants”: in the first year, they form only leaves, in the second year of growth flowers appear which, by flowering, five seeds.

Despite the fact that the flowers give seeds, the plant itself, for the most part, does not die but remains to grow and bloom for several more years. Why is it customary to attribute them to the “biennial” family? The fact is that even despite the growth in subsequent years, their flowering is not so plentiful and resembles a rather tired plant. Therefore, they are usually grown as a biennial.

It is believed that growing biennial plants is not difficult at all. This can be done by sowing seeds directly into a flower bed or flower bed, or first, grow seedlings in boxes and only then transplant them into open ground. It is more competent and correct to use seedlings, however, the most unpretentious plants can also be grown from seeds.

Usually, at the end of May, you can plant cheyrantus, bells, digitalis, and Turkish cloves. As for forget-me-nots, pansies, mallow, Lunaria, and salvia, it is preferable to plant them in the ground, starting in mid-May. For precipitation in flower beds or boxes using a nutritious soil mixture. Most often, it is recommended to use soil in which peat and sod land are mixed. A classic version of the soil for planting is a mixture of turf land, humus, peat, and sand. If acid peat is used, lime must be added to the soil mixture.

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