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Tomatoes Are Not Tied Well

The readers of our blog ask the question “Why are tomatoes poorly tied?” And ask for clarification of what can be done to get the crop in time. In addition, cucumbers also behave strangely: having started, they later turn yellow and crumble.

High daytime temperatures and fairly low nighttime temperatures for thermophilic crops (including tomatoes, cucumbers) create an opportunity for visible plant growth: there is an increase in vegetative mass, especially in those areas where the soil is well seasoned. In this case, the laying of flower brushes on tomatoes is delayed, the yield decreases. Do not overfeed the plants!

The next reason for the poor setting of tomato fruits. Many grow tomatoes in greenhouses. Pollination occurs when pollen enters the stigma of the pestle. Tomatoes also like drafts, in greenhouses you need to frequently shake the trellis or the bushes themselves. If this does not happen in the morning, there are no ovaries or they are few.

Look at the cultivated varieties. If a flower brush is placed above the 7th-9th leaf, then this is a medium-late variety. It is necessary to have patience and when the flower brushes appear, process the tomatoes “Ovary.”

To enhance flowering, give potassium-containing fertilizers and, of course, normalize the growth of leaves and shoots. Water abundantly after 5-7-10 days, depending on soil structure. Mulch the soil – this will facilitate the care of the plant.

About the reasons for shedding ovaries of cucumbers

This can happen because the pollination of the flower did not occur. Perhaps this is a manifestation of the nematode at the beginning of plant growth (stem or root) when the flow of nutrients to the ovary is disrupted. If ovaries dry out on many plants, it means that next season it is necessary to completely replace the soil under these plantings.

Create conditions for cucumbers. These are plants of a tropical and subtropical climate, that is, the temperature during the day should be 25-28 degrees, at night should not fall below 15. If you have selected varieties of bee pollinators, make your planting of cucumbers accessible to pollinator insects.

Extra root top dressing is useful for cucumbers and tomatoes. Use weekly spraying with “M-Baikal”, “Immunocytophyte”. The surface of the soil can be dusted with ash. According to the instructions, treat with Epin-Extra. Make liquid compost from nettles and feed two or three times with this multivitamin fertilizer.

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