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What If Indoor Jasmine Does Not Bloom

Jasmine is a beautiful flower that attracts everyone with its extraordinary beauty, as well as a charming aroma. But sometimes it happens that the flower begins to fade even with proper care. What to do in such a difficult situation?

The reasons for the lack of flowering flower

There are many reasons why a plant may not bloom. These causes can occur both individually and in combination. These reasons include:

  • Violation of the temperature regime. If the temperature is too high or, conversely, too low, the plant will not bloom. Optimum and best flowering can be observed in a segment from fourteen to twenty-four degrees. In order to maintain temperature balance, you must either protect the flower from heat sources or, conversely, add a little light and heat.
  • Lack of moisture. If the plant does not have enough water, then its petals begin to dry and subsequently fall off. To bring the flower to its normal state, it must be watered. In the hot season, this should be done at least twice a day. And in winter it will be enough to do this only a couple of times a week.

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  • Lack of light. Sometimes it happens that the petals fall even in spite of the peculiarity that the temperature and humidification conditions are strictly observed. What is the reason for such a fall? It’s all about lighting. The flower needs to be placed in those rooms where the light is very widely scattered. But it is necessary to ensure that the soil in the pot does not dry out.
  • Acidity. Sometimes a plant may refuse to bloom only because the soil in which the flower is planted is simply not intended for flowering. Therefore, before planting this flower, it is best to find out which soil is best suited for this.
  • Landing. If the gardener made a mistake in planting, then he may not wait for flowering. In order for the plant to bloom, the neck of the table should go into the ground no more than three centimeters.

How to deal with pests?

Insects and other pests that can harm the flower, most effective to destroy chemicals, but you can do without them. Most often, a decoction of potato tops is used to control insects. To make it you need to put the tops in the water and let it brew for ten days. This infusion is necessary to spray the leaves of the flower.

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