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When to Make a Cellar

I decided to build a cellar on the site. When is it best to build it so that it can stand, and most importantly, be dry?

The construction of the cellar (as well as digging the well) is usually timed by the middle of summer – the driest time of the year. And they do this not only to protect the foundation pit and builders from the effects of precipitation but also because during this period the lowest level of standing groundwater.

Choosing the design of the cellar, first of all, they proceed from the availability of free space, the needs of the economy, as well as the features of the hydrogeology of the site and the climate. There are mainly three types of cellars: fully buried, semi-buried and superficial.

Semi-buried and superficial cellars have certain advantages in the middle lane: they do not require excessive costs for waterproofing and are quite convenient in operation. In any case, after the excavation of the required amount of soil, the bottom is covered with drainage material (coarse sand, gravel, gravel, broken brick, expanded clay, etc.). For each square meter of the recess, 0.1 cubic meters of material is consumed. A layer of clay with a thickness of 15-20 cm is laid on top. Red, well-burnt brick is pressed flat into it, and the floor is ready. The ground structure is simple – something like a wooden crate – with double walls, upholstered on the outside with glassine or ruberoid. The gap is filled with thermal insulation material: expanded clay, sawdust, moss,

A strong roof, a wooden door (or a manhole cover) that fits tightly against the walls and the cellar can be operated. It only needs to be covered with earth and overlaid with turf (or to sow lawn grass by deboning). A forage crop, for example, clover or timothy, is also suitable.

Around the cellar it is best to plant a decorative shrub – it will make this building more invisible to “bad people”, and at the same time it will decorate the site.

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